Soen One

Good music tells a story - and for inimitable DJ Soen One, this is at the very heart of everything he does. To tell a great story, you have to be unafraid to break the rules - and the genre-defying Soen embraces doing just that; connecting the dots between disparate genres using his unique “spectral theory” approach to music.

For Soen, each set is a journey, taking the listener on a smooth, seamless ride - blending pop, disco, house, trance or tech beats into one compelling, organic experience.

His weekly acclaimed podcast “Sinewave Radio” targets one specific journey each week - Whether it’s a dance set to get ready for the night ahead, a chill out set to relax to in the heady morning after, or a melodic house set to listen to whilst you’re working the 9 to 5.

So whether you’re seeing him play live, or listening via Sinewave Radio, sit back, relax and let Soen One take you on an adventure.

Sinewave Radio 049:
Deep House Explorations